Two lines, two different ways of coping with the sea.
Two lines, two different ways of coping with the sea. In a race, when a sudden squall can change the outcome of a regatta, when the power of the ocean is a challenge to the very last tack, where sweat mingles with salt water.  Or on a yacht, where professionalism and experience unite to manage the sea in all its moods. But Slam is there - always.

Pro Line: the collection tested on great champions, on the people who live every undulation of the sea. Technical apparel, high performance apparel suitable for any competition . Materials and details inspired by the world of racing and Olympic sailing.
Yachting Line: an ongoing line of iconic, classic and timeless nautical clothing. Redesigned with technical fabrics and state-of-the-art treatments, these items accompany crews on their daily adventures when, on board a yacht or a sailing boat, it is the sea that makes the rules.

Our Pro and Yachting collections can be customised with embroidery or prints, making for unique and exclusive items. To get in touch with us, please complete the form below: do not hesitate to contact us for advice on where to buy our products.


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